Chris Owen - Mojo Mentor Boosting YOUR Relationship Mojo. Come & join us.

Relationship Mojo is about Maintaining a Healthy Relationship.

It is for couples who want to protect

their relationship from the toxins of

complacency, busyness and competing priorities.

Relationship Mojo is for YOU if you:

  • Are busy juggling home, family, aging parents, careers, finances, self-care, and all the rest of the shit that is modern life!
  • Feel like you’ve lost some of that relationship “mojo” you assumed would always be there
  • Love and appreciate your partner and know he/she is a Keeper 
  • Fight with your partner, and it worries you
  • Are confident you’re not heading for the divorce court, but are pretty sure things could be tweaked for the better
  • Want to model to your children how to have a good relationship

Maintaining a Healthy Relationship isn’t easy!

Relationships are like a rollercoaster.  Riding it means we all hit the peaks and troughs. We squeal with excitement at memorable times, and sometimes weep with fear and disappointment at those lows!  And if we’re honest, sometimes we’re just hoping we’ll survive to the end of the ride, without puking on our partner’s lap!  (Sorry!  Was that “visual” waaaay too much?)

I don’t know about you, but I reckon hanging on tight to that safety bar can be harder than yelling “let me outta here” to the operator!  Over my years counselling couples in marital distress, I kept thinking:

“What about the people who are still on the ride?  What if I could help them develop some skills that immunised them against the worst of the depths and, even better, amped up those highs?”

So here at Relationship Mojo, you could start by signing up get the latest articles on the blog.  (see the pic below) There’ll be about 2 a week!

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There are big plans afoot. They’ll be ready, when you’ve sussed out whether I’m worthy of your trust, and if Relationship Mojo is right for you! Come and dip your toe in the water!  It’s lovely and warm!